Training and Development

Internal competencies play a critical role in preparing strategic thrusts, organizations today desire such internalization of competencies. However, the problems of where to start, what to do, and do to what extent remain. With more than 10 years of training experience, Mediasoft Integration has been helping its customers realize their competencies in a sustainable manner. From identifying key industrial trends to solidifying such competency gains, we have a proven track record in helping companies reinvent and reenergize their work force with new found skills and know-how.


Cloud Computing The Training Program enables instillation of indepth understanding of the services model. The content ensures that attendees understand the primary value proposition and architecture of the cloud service model. Along with the different available vendors, core characteristics of deploying and operating the cloud model will be discussed. At the end of the program, attendees will also understand the security compliance model, shared security concepts and use cases.
Robotics With robotics slowly playing a vital role in modern organizations, this program instills understanding of key constructs in robotics that all business and support users should know. From discussions of the OSes available to the complex nature of the hardware involved, attendees will be exposed to important information concerning this rapidly emerging and evolving industry.
Management Consultancy An important aspect in any organization's work structure is one that entails preparation of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) that would guide the organization, with this program, organizations can earmark and prepare their internal Management Consultants in ensuring continuity and retention of expertise. In this approach, Mediasoft Integration is 'training the trainer' for its customers, who ensure competency penetration in companies.
Project & Portfolio Management Portfolio and Project Management program explores and exposes the most contemporary practice standards for companies. Customers understand diversification, investment management, valuation, divestment, product management and how to evaluate asset objectives that would help our customers create sustainable value based on a tech oriented Project/Portfolio Management approach in practice.
Hybrid Programs Whatever the needs of our customers, Mediasoft Integration is always open to create unique programs that fit their requirements. It is possible to create programs based on the needs of an organization, consisting of components from other programs. Our Consultants will sit with the customers and engineer groundbreaking programs suited to their operational goals.