Project Management

Every company has projects that need to be managed, however, given the temporary nature of the structures that are project-based, organizations are often left with an overloaded resource overhead after project are completed. In times of uncertainty, financing such endeavours can get heavy for any organization, customers need proven Project Management expertise, PMO structures, staff to coordinate these undertakings but are hesitant to get imposed by such overheads. Mediasoft Integration has, overtime, evolved capabilities to stand in with our customers on key projects which, upon completion, see the dismantling of all project related structures so that our customers do not get burdened by the load that comes with such temporary organized activities.


Overall Accountability All organizations have projects, some organizations prefer to have temporary project-related, committee driven structures that cease to exist when projects are completed. Mediasoft Integration can, at the behest of our customers, lead projects with overall accountability right up to closure. With overall accountability, customers get a seasoned Project Manager, coordination staff, PMO assets and resources all built and ready to be deployed in short notice. Dismantling of such structures are as easy as deployment keeping costs low for our clients. Mediasoft Integration takes care of the entire project for our customers while they focus on operational areas.
Component Delivery In a large project-based delivery structure, there may be components that, for any number of reasons, may not be managed by the customer. Perhaps, these organizations lack certain component-related competencies or that they would like to dedicated resources in other areas and outsource Project Management of specific components due to tight constraints. Mediasoft Integration is able to assist our customers in managing smaller components, ensuring deliverables meet tight constraints while they focus on the overall project.
Advisory Platforms SMB companies usually do not have the necessary project management expertise or prior experience in value delivery pertaining to complex projects. Mediasoft Integration has been advising clients for the last 15 years in complex projects. As advisors, we provide valuable insight to customers and help improve their existing project approaches. We formulate reports that contain important findings that enhance project outcomes and improve overall project productivity.
PMO/Program Office Management A lot of existing customers have their Project Management and process standards, however, they require ready-built structures in a short period of time for projects. Mediasoft Integration is able to provide ready-built PMO structures to our customers with the necessary resources with which Projects can be worked on. These structures contain methodology alignment, human resources, standard documentation templates and multi-level structural organization that our customers may need. With a ready PMO, customers can focus on project deliverables while leaving structural matters to us (based on a project plan). These temporary project offices, with human resource, cease as soon as the project is completed. Mediasoft Integration is able to setup PMOs in multiple locations in Asia Pacific, staffed with well-qualified talent, at short notice.
Consultancy Customer interaction is a key issue concerning projects. End users need to be consulted and the consultation needs to be benchmarked, specifications need to be documented as accurately as possible. Potential projects need Consultants who define Functional Specifications, Integration Specifications, Migration Plans and Training Plans. Our company is able to staff PMOs with expert Consultants in these areas. In many instances, Mediasoft Integration also provides training services (separate from Consultancy) to complement Consultancy. Projects are complex, all aspects are covered by Mediasoft Integration.