Mobile Computing

Modern research tells us that there are more than 5 billion active mobile devices across the world, this makes it vital that any organizations' consumer and stakeholder communication strategy invest into mobile computing. For effectiveness, mobile communication technology needs to be a central component in the company's overall digital transformation strategy. These channels do not get built immediately, and that's where Mediasoft Integration has been helping its customers adopt mobile platforms so that they materialize their business strategies. With computing devices getting smaller every day, it's important that this platform gains importance in your digitization push.


Digital Presence Package Designed for SMBs and early entrants into the Mobile Computing space, the Digital Presence Package provides entry level facilities for companies with limited budgets but existing strategic requirements to connect with internal and external stakeholders over mobile devices.
Digital Catalogue Package Designed for SMBs and Enterprise customers with a cataloging requirement. The Digital Catalogue Package contains various advanced components such as Web Services, Shared Hosting Storage and Web-based cataloging interface. Communication components are synchronous allowing seamless two-way communication between stakeholders uploading and viewing and reacting to a catalogue of product listing and our customers.
Platform Package Designed for large scale utility, the Platform Package contains multiple service layers on top of cataloging components. Furthermore, it attempts to create integration points between our customer's internal systems (such as Inventory Control/Invoicing) and their mobile platform. The package is suitable for ecommerce majors and organizations that seek to invest heavily into mobile commerce platforms.
Customized Solutions There are no silver bullets in a business strategy, Mediasoft Integration understands that. With customized solutions, we can break down every component in an existing package or formulate entirely new ones to suit our customer's requirements. Business success makes out of the box thinking imperative, and Mediasoft Integration offers our customers that freedom of navigation with customization.