IT Operations and Support

IT Operations and Support  has experienced a complete paradigm shift. From being a manpower-intensive engagement, IT in the modern organizations has evolved to become segmented and specialized to encompass new-age solutions. Our IT Ops Support services leverage on cutting edge concepts such as DevOps / DevSecOps, Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, Microservice Architecture, Containerization and GitOps. Our IT Ops and Support services are packaged uniquely to improve ownership and enhance productivity. If you want to pivot on the most contemporary technology for high impact results, choose Mediasoft Integration Pte Ltd as your IT Operations and Support partner.                              


Based on the needs of our customers, our support services have been packaged to include terms, tenure, necessary assets and human resource components with defined methods of practice. With a high SLA, customers can rest assured that their needs can be met without complications. Our standard packages are 3 year (with annual cancellation options and extensions for upto but not limited to 5 years).

The next generation tech space is going to change, this is the space customers need important allies in helping them formulate tech strategies and adopt new platforms. Mediasoft Integration can help them do that. Most of our customers are already enjoying one of the below-mentioned packages: 

 FrontOffice SUITE Designed for organizations seeking Level 1 or Level 2 Support for Customer-facing operations where Level 3 support is handled by SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) who may be external specialists or Principal Consultants. Such services allow for alleviation from staff turnover, consistency (or a lack of) in professional practice standards, documentation, case management and ensures that customer service standards remain high based on defined SLAs.
 MiddleOffice PROCESSOR Designed for organizations who need to ensure  mediation between customer facing resource collection desks and backoffice processing. Middle Office structures are no longer restricted to banks, they can be used across industries to ensure compliance to regulatory standards. Generally, Middle Office is where IT can be controlled, they have operational insight and ensure that IT works for the company. Our Middle Office service entails world class compliance practice technologies that our customers can leverage and ensure that their audits and accounting standards pass even the most strictest of audit practices.
 BackOffice INTEGRATED Designed for organizations that need to process applications, documents and directly leverage on external resources on business and operational matters. BackOffice is where a company can get operational support for their core operational processes and IT support. They ensure that things run smoothly and ensure that all downtime, if any, is always planned. Our BackOffice services have included services such as Accounts Payable processing and even Database Administration.
 Enterprise COVERAGE Enterprise Coverage includes end-to-end IT Operational Support. It includes Mediasoft Integration certified Architects and Consultants studying the customer's operational necessities closely and designing an end-to-end solutions that include FrontOffice, MiddleOffice and BackOffice components for complete operational support.
 Project PLUS The package is designed to facilitate small-scale, deliverable based or project based support. Suited for organizations that have active running projects but do not have the capacity or would like to load resources for specific projects without taking on too many resources for the long run. Our customers can run their projects, get access to the necessary human resource who come with the contingent assets. Once project is complete, service is terminated. Suited if the customer is looking at project-based operational scenarios.
 Customized Managed Services Mediasoft Integration Pte Ltd strives to understand its customers. We know that no one model fits all, there are no silver bullets in business, we are able to combine, merge, omit and design solutions to fit our customers. Our Managed Services provide customers with the peace of mind and solid reliable support for even the most challenging operational scenarios over APAC.

Contact your Mediasoft Integration Customer Service Representative to find out how we can help you implement world class IT Operational Support services in your organization today!