Digital Solutions

Digitization has rapidly emerged as the single most important goal of businesses across the world. Not only does technology improve security and accessibility, digitization brings productivity and efficiency to businesses. Strategic digitization is an important goal for most businesses and Mediasoft Integration will ensure that its customers achieve these goals with proven expertise that minimizes costs and maximizes benefits in their digital journey.


Accounts Payable/Receivable Processing With the AP/RP digital solution, customers will receive accurate data from their invoices, POs, DOs, Credit Notes and other relevant documentation. With a combination of people and technology, Mediasoft Integration Pte Ltd helps its customers in the operational challenges. With the AP/RP solution, accounting standards improve and customers are able to better manage their audit requirements and lower operational costs.
Optical Character Recognition Solutions Mediasoft Integration provides end-to-end text extraction services to its customers. Customers can execute document classification or index data exercises that augments their visibility of the operational constraints. OCR solutions primary aim to improve productivity and efficiency and will improve business oversight with technology that converts physical papers to digital documents with mission critical index data.
Digital Archival Digital Archival solutions ensure customers achieve digitization goals with conversion, indexing and archival of mission critical enterprise documents, facilitating quick and secure storage and retrieval of documentation. With the Digital Archival solution, customers are able to benchmark documentation standards, improve document availability and enhance accountability. Mediasoft Integration Architects and Solutions Consultants provide customers with their digitization roadmap for a future-ready digital repository.
Systems Integration Mediasoft Integration experts ensure that our customer's systems are able to communicate, interoperate and integrate. This leads to improved operational scenarios and customers benefit from the connectivity between disparate systems. Our services entail enabling integration between systems using 3rd party middleware and development, using Mediasoft Integration's software engineering expertise, of platforms or applications that enable such seamless integration to occur.