Artificial Intelligence

AI may be leveraged by SMBs and large Multinationals alike. Mediasoft Integration has assisted its' customers in utilizing and adopting AI in their operational processes for more than 10 years. As AI is built on datasets and complex algorithms to identify patterns and trends to enable pattern analyses, our customers have the benefit of our unique approach in making learning technologies work for our customers. Our methodology and platform expertise allow our customers to embark on their transformation towards AI readiness for success.


MI Lakme Series Chatbots With a large dataset, the Lakme Series of Chatbots can enable customers to leverage on an AI-driven chatbot technology that learns from each interaction. Share documents, tips, solicit advise and information and retrieve such data for operational visibility. With a chatbot, minimize expenditure on support staff and improve customer satisfaction with ever-ready platform for communication.
MI SelfHelp Task Management With SelfHelp, our customers are able to create tasks, workflows and RPA enabled operational tasks to execute sequenced desktop activities. These tools enable rapidity in operational tasks, improving seamless productivity in our customer's operational challenges.
Customized AI Solutions Meant for large Enterprise customers, customization ensures that innovative permutation may be exercised by our customers. With a combination of integrated approaches, Mediasoft Integration provides a unique and personalized solution to our customer's operational problems with AI platforms.