About Us

Mediasoft Integration Pte Ltd is located at the heart of Asia Pacific. Placed strategically in ASEAN, a region of more than 647 million people, Singapore is the launchpad for Asia and the ANZ region. With impeccable infrastructure and world class accessibility, Mediasoft Integration Pte Ltd is aptly placed to enhance the business experience and operational outcomes for all our customers from the heart of Asia Pacific in the coming Asian Century.


Since in 2001, Mediasoft Integration Pte Ltd has been successful in introducing it's technological products and services to hundreds of registered customers through our sales channels in Singapore and abroad. With a defined track-record from our industrial experience that spans more than a decade, we believe in adding value to our customers, partners and stakeholders for enhanced business outcomes.

The next generation tech space is going to change, this is the space you need important allies in helping you formulate tech strategies and adopt new platforms. Mediasoft Integration can help you do that.

For the last 15 years, we have been assisting our customers adopt processes, technology and helped integrate complex technologies. With Mediasoft Integration Pte Ltd, you can rest assured that you will get world beating technologies at sustainable cost.

Some key facts about us are:

- We were founded in the year 2004

- We are a 100% Singapore owned enterprise

- Our company is EPPU registered, certified to bid for government tenders in Singapore

- Our operations span more than 4 countries in the APAC region, including huge emerging markets such as India and Indonesia

- We have more than 250 registered resellers in Asia Pacific

- We have won more than 200 regional tendors and contracts

With Mediasoft Integration Pte Ltd, you have a reliable partner for both upstream and downstream IT Ops Management, Upstream and Downstream Management for specialized verticals based on sound professional principles.